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Most Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects Use Internal Resources, Not Outside Funds
More than 85% of energy efficiency projects are funded through capital budgets and company profits. This dependence on capital budgets and company profits is a limiting factor for the efficiency market and management teams to implement efficiency programs. Three out of four companies named capital constraints as the biggest challenge to energy efficiency initiatives, according to the Business Case for Energy Efficient Building Retrofit and Renovation report.

Financing options are necessary and available for management teams to consider when implementing projects versus missing the benefits that an energy efficiency project can provide to a business. Chateau Energy Solutions’ offers Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) as a way for you to implement energy efficiency and sustainable solutions without any up-front costs. Instead of purchasing new equipment slowly over time with available CapEx, Efficiency-as-a-Service unlocks all available net profits from efficiencies starting immediately. We can install the energy efficient equipment, maintain the system, and monitor the performance over time. You provide a monthly payment and use the energy savings generated by your upgrade to stay cash flow positive.

We work with multiple sources to secure the most financially competitive option for your project. Using Energy EaaS saves your capital and balance sheet for investing in what’s most important – your core business operations.

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