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Surveys and Audits

Lighting Survey & Audit

The first step to a successful lighting retrofit or upgrade is a lighting survey or audit. The seasoned experts at Chateau Energy Solutions have extensive lighting knowledge and will gather and organize information about the existing lighting system and how it is used.

In order to provide a high-quality lighting design with an attractive ROI, our lighting experts perform a very detailed room-by-room audit of the existing conditions in the facilities. We measure existing light levels, the contribution of natural daylight, and occupancy usage of the spaces. Using the data gathered, we then design a customized solution to match the illuminance levels according to IES standards for that particular space type. The proposed modifications room-by-room include lamp replacement, sensor, and control. We calculate the energy savings as well as existing and proposed lighting burn hours.

Building Audit

Getting a building audit is an important starting point for optimizing the building’s energy and financial performance. Audits provide a record of your asset infrastructure, energy usage, and energy costs. Conducting a Building Audit gives you a measuring stick of how your facility and its assets are performing today and where work can be done to make it more efficient moving forward. Need a Level I or Level II ASHRAE building audit? Contact Chateau Energy Solutions.

Electric Vehicle Fleet Infrastructure

Our electric vehicle infrastructure experts have installed EV infrastructure for nationally recognized commercial fleet programs across the nation. These same experts will provide electrical inspection and assessment of your transformer, switch gear, plugs, cords, charging disconnect unit, and breakers. This keeps you employees safe and on the road.



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