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Central Plant Optimization

Owners and operators of large facilities typically employ large central energy plants to cool and heat those facilities.  Whether it’s in a factory or a hospital, a large hotel or a large office building, the central energy plant works to transform energy and move it around the facility as needed for process and human comfort.  Chateau Energy Solutions has a wealth of experience in improving the energy efficiency and reliability of these central energy plants, delivering central plant optimization and bottom-line savings to our customers.

What kinds of central energy plant systems can we help with?  Chillers, boilers, cooling towers, pumping systems, and controls.  Air cooled, water cooled, primary loop, secondary loop, pneumatic, digital – we’ve seen it all and worked to make all kinds of central energy plants less costly and more reliable and predictable to operate.

At Chateau, we begin with site audits and opportunity assessments, and from there we create a custom plan to improve your central plant operations while delivering the financial returns your business requires.  We can serve as a turnkey project developer and project manager, making sure that the project happens on time and on budget.  Finally, we work with our customers to ensure that their newly improved systems operate as designed by putting into place tools and best practices that make sure central plant systems stay efficient over their useful lives.



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