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Controls and VFDs


A building controlled by a Building Automation System or BAS is often referred to as a “smart building”. Historically, commercial and industrial buildings have depended on proprietary and poorly integrated purpose-specific automation controls systems. Often, these systems can be difficult to interface with other building systems because they are proprietary to the company that sells them. Chateau Energy Solutions takes a different approach. We lean toward open protocol systems that are simple to integrate and adapt to almost any application. Today’s Building Automation Systems can be simple to integrate and a very cost effective solution to gain control of your soaring energy cost. Give us a call today to investigate a different approach to this sometimes complicated process.


You turn off your car when you get home. You turn down the heat or AC when you go on vacation. Yet, so often many companies run their pumps and motors at full speed when it is not necessary. Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs help vary motor speeds to match the load reducing energy consumption.

VFDs are used for conveyors, fans, pumps, motors, and compressors. They reduce energy by consuming only the power that is needed. In addition to improved energy efficiency, Variable Frequency Drives also improve control, lengthen the life of the motor, and reduce maintenance. VFDs are becoming a widely-used application and are proven to significantly reduce energy use and save you money on your utility bill. Utilities offer rebate programs to encourage the installation of energy efficient products which also include VFDs.

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