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Retro-commissioning will cut your costs by improving building performance. Retro-commissioning or RCx is a systematic process to investigate, analyze, and optimize how building equipment and systems work together. The retro-commissioning experts at Chateau Energy Solutions will help ensure that your building systems are correctly integrated and meet current facility requirements. Through the retro-commissioning process, we will resolve problems that occurred during the design or construction phase, or fix problems that have developed during the building’s life.

Most buildings have never gone through a commissioning process. Well-constructed buildings experience performance degradation over time due to operational and occupancy changes. Even if the equipment is maintained on a regular schedule, if the system doesn’t operate efficiently as a whole, or it operates more often than necessary, then energy waste and reliability problems occur.

The benefits of RCx can be extensive. In all, retro-commissioning improves a building’s operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures to enhance overall building performance. In practice, it has been shown to reduce energy costs, and provide non-energy benefits such as improved occupant comfort and reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Chateau Energy Solutions has a team of RCx experts that possess the knowledge and understanding of how systems operate and use energy within a building. Since every building is unique, Chateau Energy Solutions believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to energy management.

We’ve seen it hundreds of times – even the small problems can have a big impact on building performance. Let our highly qualified RCx experts help you through the retro-commissioning process from start to finish.



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