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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Chateau Energy Solutions provides fully customized, turnkey electric vehicle infrastructure charging solutions for commercial, military, federal fleets, as well as state and local municipalities. This includes the design, installation, project management, and maintenance services of your electric vehicle charging stations, also known as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Our EV experts will provide strategic insight into how the additional load will impact your facility and how to best integrate into your system.

Our EV offering includes:

  • Electrical design
  • Site assessment for electrical infrastructure and construction
  • EV charging station equipment evaluation
  • EV site preparation
  • EV charging station installation
  • EV material procurement
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Warranty administration program
  • Infrastructure service contract

EV Controls, Metering, and Analytics

As an option to our Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment solution, we also offer EV Controls, Metering Integration, and Analytics. Our electric vehicle professionals will help you integrate powerful, yet easy to use, open protocol monitoring and control technology with the electric vehicle charging stations. Take advantage of demand response and off-peak charging opportunities as well as smart grid participation, by operating your electric vehicle fleet and its infrastructure in real time.

This offering includes:

  • Controls, monitoring, and metering integration and analytics
  • Web platform dashboard and analytics
  • Smart Grid and Demand Response strategy participation
  • EV to Grid solution

EVSE Maintenance

There are relatively few EVSE maintenance requirements. However, periodic inspection by a qualified electrician is recommended. Chateau Energy Solutions can provide this through our periodic EV inspection services. Overall, our EV experts will inspect charging cords to ensure they are securely stored and have not been damaged, and will check the accessible EVSE parts for wear and keep the system clean. They will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your fleet is running safely and smoothly.



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