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Water Conservation

Chateau Energy Solutions understands the importance of practicing sustainable measures with water. Our team of experts have extensive experience in water conservation – our engineering and construction teams have been providing considerable savings for these services for more than 20 years.

Much like energy, an integral part of any water reduction program begins with its measurement and the setting of baselines. A water audit brings that information to light while offering water saving improvements with financial analysis.

Water use and energy use in buildings are linked. In most cases, electricity or gas is used to heat water, so the less hot water used, the less energy is needed to heat the water. Our water conservation projects are designed to reduce water consumption, wastewater production, and hot water energy usage through the installation of highly efficient plumbing products and controls. The use of these devices and others are selected not only for their efficiency, but also to provide for durable, long-term use with minimal maintenance and improved hygiene.



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