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The Big Picture

The road to building energy efficiency can be difficult to navigate. With hundreds of possible energy savings projects, how do you know which direction to go? Chateau Energy Solutions has developed a roadmap on how to achieve enterprise-wide energy efficiency and sustainability with our Proactive Energy Management approach.

The benefits of a Proactive Energy Management plan are maximized energy efficiency while optimizing a return on investment, continuously through a building’s lifecycle by reducing utility costs.

Chateau Energy Solutions’ Proactive Energy Management plan strategically addresses five key areas:

  • Strategy and Goals
  • Measure and Track
  • Assess
  • Develop and Implement a Plan
  • Manage and Improve

At the core of the Proactive Energy Management process is our highly-credentialed team of energy and building experts that focus on the entire lifecycle of each facility, providing a continuous improvement process to the energy performance of a building portfolio.

Chateau Energy Solutions’ experts will guide you through the process beginning with a strategic plan and then setting priorities, assessing opportunities, and implementing improvements, while measuring and monitoring results along the way. The roadmap or plan is designed to be flexible. The goal is to support a thoughtful and comprehensive approach.

Chateau Energy Solutions’ Proactive Energy Management approach will provide you a way to improve carbon footprint, maximize asset and shareholder value through energy efficiency, and reduce energy and operating costs.



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