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Experience Energy Expertise

We partner with you to design a unique energy efficiency program tailored to your business goals. Get expert analysis and actionable insights into your energy infrastructure, and find out what high efficiency means for your business.

  • Work with a team of experts who examine your data to create a roadmap to efficiency.
  • Get individual program customization that speaks to your unique obstacles and solutions.
  • Access analyses containing objective insights and practical solutions for your infrastructure.

What Chateau Consulting Offers

Benchmarking & Audits

the first step to true energy efficiency

Program Management

sustainability strategies that optimize your business facility

Finance & Rebates

energy efficiency upgrades pay for themselves

Supply & Risk Management

market analysis that cuts costs and maintains ideal utility rate structures

Modeling & Business Cases

real benefits of an energy update before changing a thing

Sustainability Strategies

energy efficiency plays a prominent role in sustainability goals

Efficiency Consulting Has Real Benefits

Get actionable insights that accelerate your business growth. Chateau analyses illuminate the core of your energy infrastructure, revealing hidden costs and inefficiencies.

Some of the Clients We've Helped

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