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Chateau energy efficiency upgrades pay for themselves—that’s the whole point

Today more than 85% of energy efficiency projects are still funded through company capital budgets. However, a lot of value in energy efficiency is being left on the table. Did you know that 77% of identified opportunities don’t get implemented due to lack of capital being available? Fortunately, the Chateau team knows that access to capital to approve energy projects isn’t always necessary. This gap between viable projects and those that get funded internally has led to the creation of a new and more attractive financing option – Chateau’s Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS).

Chateau’s EaaS program is the ideal way to implement sustainable solutions without any up-front costs. If a project would typically meet your company’s investment hurdle rate, we can use our network of partners to find financing for your project at competitive rates. Instead of purchasing new equipment with your capital expenditure, Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service unlocks available net profits from new efficiencies immediately. The idea is simple. Chateau designs, installs, and maintains the update and monitors its performance, while you use measurable energy savings generated by the upgrade to stay cash flow positive.

Easy, isn’t it?

Save your capex funds. Balance sheets and capital are for investing in what’s truly important—core business operations.

Rebates & Incentives

Funding options for efficiency projects are just sitting out there, waiting to be utilized

Let the professionals at Chateau Energy Solutions lower the cost of your energy efficiency project by taking advantage of appealing funding opportunities. Many rebates, incentives, and grants are offered by utility companies, municipalities, and federal agencies. And each year new opportunities spring up.

Rebates and incentives are often an afterthought when implementing an energy efficiency project. Instead, rebates should become part of a larger strategy toward becoming more energy efficient and sustainable. Rebates and incentives help reduce the cost of a project and can greatly improve the ROI. This improved payback can be extremely helpful in obtaining approval to move forward with the energy efficient improvement.

That’s why the knowledgeable staff at Chateau utilizes  cutting-edge software to uncover actionable incentives and rebates. While details vary from program to program, savings categories often include financial incentives for HVAC systems, lighting, and other energy efficient improvements. Plus, Chateau will manage the entire process for you— from identifying appropriate rebates to monitoring and verification (M&V) and from post-inspection to the submission of grant or refund applications.

Learn how to put financing and rebates to work for you.

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