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Today, computer modeling allows companies to see into the future.

As technology has advanced, complex undertakings like energy performance and measurement can be simulated by a digital model to a greater degree of accuracy.  The model begins with an effort to understand how, when, and why your facilities use energy today.  It’s important to include variables that drive energy consumption such as occupancy schedules and production shifts, and to develop a relationship between outside air conditions like temperature and humidity and corresponding energy consumption.  We also model utility rates, which can vary considerably, so that we understand the impact timing has on what you pay for each unit of energy consumed.

Chateau experts view energy modeling as a discipline, using precision and a high level of expertise in software and building systems to produce a comprehensive picture of how an energy efficiency retrofit will change the shape, timing, and cost of your facility’s energy consumption.  We’ll include smart “low and no cost” operational improvements as well to drive as much value to your capital investment opportunity as possible.  Our experts can show you, with a high degree of accuracy, what your facility will look and feel like once upgrades are applied.

Identifying hidden inefficiencies is the first step to total energy freedom

Business Cases

Energy efficiency is about so much more than investment paybacks

Energy retrofits come with a host of strategic advantages that go far beyond mere paybacks on investment. That is why Chateau Energy Solutions begins with developing a custom business case for each of our clients.  Our industry professionals gather information, ask questions, conduct preliminary site assessments, and develop an opportunity assessment that shows you what is possible.  This approach can lead to modeling which allows us to share with you how we can work together to improve your bottom line while reducing your energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

We know that each business case has to be tailored to match the way your company makes investment decisions.  We need to understand your financial hurdle rates and the process by which you get capital projects, like energy efficiency upgrades, evaluated and approved.  If you don’t currently have access to the capital necessary to implement these improvements even though they pass your hurdle rate, we can work with you and our network of partners to find a firm to provide financing at competitive rates.  Our goal in those situations is to put into place an agreement under which you are cash flow positive from the first month of installation.

Chateau will lay out the whole story for you, clearly and effectively, in a well-crafted and compelling Business Case written in your company’s financial language.  We will also direct attention to other important benefits such as reliability, systems longevity, and the net environmental impact of your energy efficiency project or program.

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