Modeling & Business Cases


Witness the real benefits of an energy update before changing a thing

Today, computer modeling allows companies to see into the future.

As technology has advanced, complex undertakings like energy performance and measurement can be simulated by a digital model to a greater and greater degree of accuracy.

Chateau experts view energy modeling as a discipline, using precision and a high level of expertise in software and building systems to produce a comprehensive picture of energy efficiency. Our experts can show you what your facility will look and feel like once upgrades are applied.

Identifying hidden inefficiencies is the first step to total energy freedom

Business Cases

Energy efficiency is about so much more than investment paybacks

Energy retrofits come with a host of strategic advantages that go far beyond mere paybacks on investment.

Chateau will lay out the whole story for you, clearly and effectively, in a well-crafted and compelling business case that directs attention to other enormously important benefits such as long-term financial implications, systems longevity, and environmental impact.

Learn what your energy efficiency picture would look like.

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