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Central Plant Optimization

Central Plant Optimization

Maximizing your central plant for long-term performance efficiency

Central utility plants (CUPs) are typically used to provide for the thermal and power distribution needs at large industrial plants and commercial high rises, as well as for campus type environments.  From an energy and environmental standpoint, the CUP typically accounts for more than 60% of total building or campus energy consumption.  Much of the annual capital and operating budgets for infrastructure is also dedicated to the CUP, including labor and material and specialized third-party contractors.  Because of this, your Central utility plant is often the best place to look for significant savings.

Existing CUPs were designed, sized, and configured based on the loads anticipated during their conception. Those loads change over time as operations inside the building change, and a central plant that is only 10 years old is often dramatically oversized.  Systems and equipment in the central utility plant become less efficient and less reliable over time as they age and are utilized.  It’s no different than your car or your home HVAC units – after 15 years, they just aren’t as cost effective or as reliable as they used to be.  Finally, there may be single points of failure inside that central utility plant that can result in extended or frequent momentary outages.

Fortunately, there is something that can be done – Central Plant Optimization. To boost building performance through Chateau Energy Solutions’ Central Plant Optimization, we begin with site audits and opportunity assessments. Based on that information, we create a custom plan to improve your central plant systems. The prioritized improvements within the plan will ensure that we are delivering the financial returns your business requires.

Chateau can serve as a turnkey project developer and project manager, making sure that Central Plant Optimization solution fits within your company goals and works with your budget.  And Chateau’s experts know that Central Plant Optimization is an ongoing process that needs careful and ongoing review from real professionals. We work with our customers to ensure that their newly improved systems operate as designed by putting into place tools and best practices that make sure the energy systems stay efficient over their useful lives.

It takes an energy management expert to achieve peak Central Plant Optimization. It is important that the systems operate with efficiency and are fully optimized and fully integrated. Chateau Energy Solutions has a wealth of experience in improving the energy efficiency and reliability of these systems, delivering bottom-line savings to our customers. Your energy efficiency depends on it.

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