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EV Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Streamlined upgrades and advanced systems that transform transport

The Chateau team provides customized turnkey solutions for EV infrastructure in commercial, military, and federal fleets, as well as state and local municipalities. This includes design, installation, project management, and maintenance services for electric vehicle chargers.

Our EV experts provide strategic insights into how Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) installations affect your facility and how best to integrate them into your existing infrastructure. Electric vehicle fleets can have a significant impact on business such as reduced spending on fuel, lowered maintenance costs, and improved corporate sustainability.

Chateau EV infrastructure offerings include:

  • Electrical design
  • Site assessment for electrical infrastructure and construction
  • Charging equipment evaluation
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation
  • Materials procurement
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Warranty administration
  • Infrastructure service contracts

EV Controls, Metering, and Analytics

Comprehensive monitoring systems for full control

Chateau’s EV professionals help you integrate simple, powerful open-protocol monitoring and control technology with every electric vehicle charging station. Installing demand response and off-peak charging tech and participating in smart grids saves on cost and streamlines transport infrastructure and operations.

Chateau’s controls, metering, and analytics offerings include:

  • Integration and analytics
  • Web platform dashboard and analytics
  • Smart grid and demand response strategy
  • EV to grid solutions

EV Maintenance

Ongoing observation and inspections that drive optimal performance

Periodic inspection by qualified electricians is highly recommended by Chateau. Chateau’s electric vehicle experts can head off performance lags and costly systemic issues by following manufacturer guidelines to the letter, ensuring that an EV fleet runs smoothly, safely, and without energy interruptions or waste.

Chateau inspects cordage, charging stations, and overall performance and cleanliness to reduce wear and tear to a minimum and keep EV systems continually optimized. Chateau knows that, just as much as proper installation and effective operation, strong and thorough maintenance is essential for optimal performance.

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