Retro-commissioning (RCx)

Updates in building systems integration that improves
and maximizes operational efficiency

RCx is a process of analyzing and optimizing the integration of building systems and equipment. The experts at Chateau do this partly to ensure that facilities meet current requirements, while also rectifying flaws in design or construction, calibrating equipment, and resolving degradation issues that accumulate over a building’s lifetime.

Although energy waste is common, most buildings have never been through the proper RCx process. Regardless of whether equipment is maintained or systems are operating well, costly reliability and efficiency issues or the unnecessary overuse of specialized equipment does occur.

Altogether, the engineers at Chateau improve building operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures in order to enhance performance. This process has been shown time and again to reduce energy costs and introduce other benefits like improved comfort and reduced maintenance needs.

Even small flaws can have a big impact on building performance. Chateau has a team of RCx experts that have a specialized understanding of how systems operate and insights into how the proper use of energy management and integration revitalizes building performance.

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