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Lighting Retrofits and Comprehensive Lighting Services

Energy efficient lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to quickly reduce energy costs. Drawing on years of experience, Chateau steps in as your single point of contact for all lighting upgrades and retrofits. Our engineers have provided customized lighting retrofits and upgrades to retailers, warehouses, industrial facilities, manufacturers, healthcare centers, hotels, universities, and utility companies. Our knowledgeable lighting team has more than 30 years of lighting design and on-site construction management expertise.

Chateau’s highly-skilled lighting experts manage problems end-to-end by auditing your existing systems and energy usage, designing a customized solution, and providing turnkey implementation.

And Chateau provides transparent financial information including energy, maintenance, and HVAC related savings, and potential rebates or incentives that may be available. These savings go into a ROI and payback model that allows you to make an informed decision. Adding to the savings, our lighting upgrades include the latest available technologies at the best value.

simple projects that transform operational performance

Smart HVAC Solutions

Smart HVAC solutions that revitalize the core of energy performance in your building

Chateau’s experts found that a building can waste upward of 30% or more of its energy use as a result of avoidable inefficiencies. This kind of subpar performance is entirely unnecessary and can create a lot in hidden annual energy waste.

Chateau’s team examines the efficiency of your HVAC system, focusing even on the small and mid-sized RTUs that many companies neglect. Our engineers identify equipment problems that contribute to reduced performance and our experts determine the proper route to HVAC optimization, whether the answer lay in smart HVAC or a more straight forward retrofit.

As a result, Chateau ensures that HVAC performance becomes more reliable, lower in cost, and advanced in efficiency and shelf life.


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