Our Story


WhoWe Are

Our clients are as big as Fortune 500 companies or as small as regional retail stores. The Chateau Energy Solutions team of experts has been designing and implementing customized energy programs in various industries for years. We take energy efficiency seriously. It’s who we are.

Chateau Energy Solutions reduces energy costs, optimizes maintenance, and improves sustainability for companies across the United States. Our suite of three solutions offers a multitude of services that dive deep to reveal the energy lifecycle of your facility, and we implement changes that maintain efficiency over the long term.

WhatWe Do

With deep industry knowledge in energy management, we first gain an understanding of your energy use before we architect an end-to-end strategy that drives permanent gains in efficiency and cost reduction.What we do isn’t simple, but it is clear. We start with five basic steps to get to know your business.




Chateau Energy Solutions Making Energy an Asset®

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