Healthcare Providers Trust ChateauTo Give Them the Energy Care They Need

Healthcare facilities are one of the highest users of energy because of the 24/7 demand and energy intensive specialized equipment. In addition to patient care as a top priority, healthcare administrators are also faced with daily issues of cost controls and operational efficiency. Healthcare organizations may not think it’s critical to have an energy management strategy in place, but they should. It could save them millions.

Chateau Energy Solutions provides a variety of solutions to assist healthcare organizations to reduce energy costs, improve resiliency against energy outages, decrease maintenance costs, and increase the comfort and safety for patients and staff.

Today, hospitals are being asked to do more with less. Through our energy management programs, we help healthcare organizations stop thinking about energy as a cost and start Making Energy an Asset®. Energy savings gained from implemented energy efficiency projects can be reinvested back into to healthcare facility.

When it comes to the critical care of your facilities, partner with someone you can trust. Chateau Energy Solutions is experienced in the healthcare industry. Our team of experts will get to know your facilities inside and out. Then, we build roadmaps and set clear energy efficiency strategies specific to your needs. Energy savings only happen if you implement the energy efficiency projects. Energy efficiency measures are prioritized and implemented to optimize energy use and maximize energy assets for the business. Chateau Energy will execute your projects quickly and affordably and then manage and monitor for ongoing savings for years to come.

Review our case studies to see how Chateau Energy Solutions is bringing this critical industry into the future with smart, effective programs and tailored sustainability practices.



Chateau Energy Solutions Making Energy an Asset®

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