Power Quality

Safeguarding a facility’s equipment, operations, and risk

For facilities that use complex, expensive, or sensitive equipment, steady power quality is a must. Less than optimal power quality can create problems with the performance, lifecycle, and output of this type of equipment, impacting your organization’s success.

Power quality (PQ) is the degree to which voltage, frequency, and waveform of a power supply meet established specifications. The power issues that most frequently affect facilities include voltage sags and swells, harmonics, transients, and voltage and current imbalance. Now, while this just sounds like electrical engineering technical jargon, each issue can cause significant challenges for industrial plants, office buildings, data centers, and medical facilities.

According to an EPRI study, up to 80% of power quality issues occur behind the meter – within the building itself. And the problem lurking is often invisible unable to be seen by the human eye and is only realized with there is a spike in power or an electrical disruption. These electrical disturbances can be caused by essential equipment in a building – HVAC systems, lighting, motors, pumps, and more.

Poor power quality can cause significant problems for building operators, which may manifest in a variety of ways, including:

  • Significant utility penalties
  • Costly equipment failure
  • Exorbitant equipment servicing fees
  • Lengthy machine downtime
  • Unexpected clean-up costs
  • Inconsistent and poor product quality

While power quality issues are complex in both their origin and their outcomes, Chateau Energy makes the solution for clean power quality simple. Our three-step process provides data granularity that gives our team a unique understanding of the power quality problem. Once we gain the actionable insight required to address the issue, our experienced team of engineers gets to work developing a solution and gets your facility back to optimal performance.

Power Quality Solutions

Monitor. Deploy Electric Power Monitors (ePM) with cellular connectivity to collect and aggregate granular energy data.

Identify. Analyze the data communicated from the ePM to identify pattern anomalies. From those anomalies, Chateau Energy will determine the root of the poor power quality.

Correct. Resolve the poor power quality by correcting the cause.

Chateau Energy’s Power Quality Solutions reveal the electrical and mechanical tendencies of any facility. Our analysts benefit from the high-fidelity data they capture and then pass those benefits along to our clients.

Benefits of Clean Power Quality

Benefits of clean Power Quality include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant utility savings
  • Extended life of equipment
  • Improved equipment functionality
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Higher/Heightened product quality

Trust the Experts

Chateau Energy has helped numerous clients with their power quality issues, including data centers, industrial plants, as well as corporate and college campuses. Let us help you with this often overlooked issue within a facility.


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