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Power to run an organization is necessary, but an uninterrupted power source is vital to the success of any organization. A power interruption can cause costly damage to equipment, stop production, increase safety concerns, jeopardize patient care, raise security risks, and ultimately have a huge negative financial impact. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates power outages are costing American businesses around $150 billion per year. A microgrid allows organizations a way to combat power outages and ease the impact of costly and harmful downtime.

Chateau Energy Solutions provides Microgrid Consulting services to assess the benefits and costs of implementing a microgrid that provides resiliency and energy price stability in the face of increasing power outages and rising power costs.

According to a 2021 S&C power reliability report, reportage of monthly and momentary outages doubled since the previous year. Undeniably, these frequent outages are not only inconvenient but costly. Furthermore, the data showed that a typical outage costs $100,000 for an organization, and with the increase in monthly outages experienced, this results in an annual loss of $1.2 million. Clearly, there is a need for improved resilience and reliability, and a microgrid is the answer.

End-to-End Microgrid Solution

Chateau Energy will provide oversight and expertise to help plan, finance, design, build, integrate, deploy, and maintain a microgrid project. Our end-to-end Microgrid solution includes:


Microgrid Modeling and Feasibility Study

Chateau Energy will develop models and complete a feasibility study to gain insightful information. A site is modeled based on its energy profile requirements throughout a typical year. Each site is evaluated for local power generation that is sized to optimize cost and resiliency for any climate risk or other interruptible event.

The site energy profile model is compared to the historical energy cost offered by the utility. The savings opportunity through this analysis results from a projected energy cost analysis from local generating sources compared to the energy cost offered by the utility. The economics vary based on a site’s load profile, current utility rate, capacity and real-time market charges, and any other costs related to the energy load requirements. The bottom line is that energy can often be produced at or below the utility’s marketed cost per kilowatt-hour.

Microgrid Benefits

Microgrid control technology is used to optimize the output of the onsite power plant to achieve the following results:

  • Provide price stability
  • Leverage onsite generation as a hedge against the real-time market
  • Supply power back to the grid when it makes economic sense
  • Avoid utility capacity and demand charges
  • Access REC-certified renewable energy through the wholesale market
  • Meet both electric and thermal energy needs simultaneously
  • Reduce energy cost by leveraging utility rates and real-time market pricing
  • Maintain full redundancy
  • Deliver clean energy

Trust the Microgrid Experts

The Chateau Energy microgrid consulting team includes experts from all energy and engineering disciplines. Most important, we offer comprehensive renewable energy consulting experience and expertise that benefits you with a custom microgrid solution designed just for your business needs.

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