Prepared for power outages

In 2020, 1.33 billion power outage hours were reported. This is up 73% from the previous year according, to PowerOutage.US. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates power outages are costing American businesses around $150 billion per year.

Power loss can damage equipment, productivity, and product. It can also endanger safety and millions in revenue. A generator prepares an organization for an inevitable power outage and provides a power supply to keep your business running. Chateau Energy Solutions can help determine what type of generator best fits your needs, deploy the generator, and provide financing if needed.

Organizations from small businesses to medium-sized healthcare facilities to large data centers can benefit from a generator. When the power goes out due to weather, utility issue, or even a pesky squirrel, businesses suffer from product loss, data loss, damaged equipment, and jeopardize the health and safety of employees, customers, and patients. Generators allow organizations to continue operations through a power outage.

Types of Generators

Today, there are many choices of generators – the traditional diesel generator; a natural gas generator, which is a more environmentally friendly option with reduced emissions; a bi-fuel generator, which is a combination of diesel and natural gas; and a standby power generator that kicks in when the power goes out.

Beyond that, there is also the option of stationary generators and mobile (portable) generators. Each has its own unique advantages, and Chateau Energy will work with you to determine the best fit for your needs.

Benefits of a Generator

Every organization is different, and their need for a generator will also differ. However, there are some general benefits that a generator provides, including:

  • Ensure uptime (improve, increase, expand, boost
  • Protect critical assets
  • Provide persistent safety measures for people and data
  • Sustain comfort of employees, patients, customers, or guests
  • Deter data loss
  • Prevent product loss
  • Improve resilience

Trust the Experts

Chateau Energy will help you find the right generator. The process to determine this can be complex as many variables need to be considered – power requirements, type of generator, utility applications, scalability factors, stationary or mobile, carbon footprint impact, budget, and financing. Our team of engineers is knowledgeable about generator code and standards as it relates to specification and design. We consider the numerous aspects in the design phase, such as environmental, operational, electrical, noise, exhaust and ventilation, commissioning, and the implications for emergency and mission critical generators. We are vendor neutral and have extensive knowledge of generators in the commercial and industrial application.

Let Chateau Energy help minimize downtime and keep your organization up and running.

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