Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

Turnkey lighting solutions that transform operational performance

Energy-efficient lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to quickly reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. Drawing on years of experience, Chateau Energy steps in as your single point of contact for all lighting upgrades and retrofits using our team of lighting experts, engineers, project and construction managers, lighting equipment specialists, and warranty and rebate administrator.

Our engineers have provided customized lighting retrofits and upgrades to retailers, warehouses, industrial facilities, manufacturers, healthcare centers, hotels, universities, and utility companies across the nation. Our knowledgeable lighting team has more than 30 years of lighting design and on-site construction management expertise.

Chateau Energy offers a variety of lighting optimization services to maximize building efficiencies. This includes:

  • lighting audits
  • lighting design and layout
  • fixture replacement
  • LED lighting technology and controls
  • lamps, ballasts, and sensor retrofits
  • smart lighting systems with intelligent controls
  • daylighting
  • project management and installation
  • Rebate management
  • warranty administration
  • Financing options including Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)

Lighting can account for a large share of a building’s electricity — more than 35 percent. Because of this, lighting upgrades and retrofits make a significant impact on the operating efficiency of a building. Not only does a lighting upgrade improve lighting quality, but it also affects heating and cooling loads as well as power quality. Why not improve lighting quality while also reducing energy usage – it’s a win-win.

Benefits of Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits

Chateau Energy Solutions provides innovative design and the most advanced lighting technology that will allow you to:

  • lower energy costs
  • enhance lighting quality
  • improve maintenance costs
  • become more sustainable
  • increase the lifespan of lighting equipment
  • improve safety and productivity

Chateau Energy’s highly-skilled lighting experts manage problems end-to-end by auditing your existing systems and energy usage, designing a customized solution, and providing turnkey implementation. The lighting upgrade or lighting retrofit will include the best technologies available and provide significant savings. We will deliver and install these lighting solutions to your portfolio of buildings across the nation.

And Chateau Energy provides transparent financial information including energy, maintenance, and HVAC-related savings, and potential rebates or incentives that may be available. These savings go into a ROI and payback model that allows you to make an informed decision. Our lighting upgrades include the latest available technologies at the best value, adding to the savings.

Lighting Rebates and Incentives

Reduce the lighting project cost and improve the ROI with available incentives and rebates. An improved payback is often helpful in gaining approval for an energy efficient lighting project. Chateau Energy’s rebate administrator will use their expertise and innovative software to unearth available incentives and rebates. Additionally, we will also act as your warranty administrator.

Financing – EaaS

We offer a variety of financing options so you can upgrade your lighting without any upfront capital investment. Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) is an off-balance sheet financing option that allows your organization to free up capital. Implement the lighting project with no upfront costs, freeing up internal budgets while still enjoying immediate savings.

Horticulture LED Lighting

Do you have special horticulture or grow lighting needs? Chateau Energy can assist with that as well. We will determine the correct fixtures needed to provide optimal indoor agricultural growth increasing crop yields while staying within your budget.

Connect with a Lighting Expert

Connect with one of Chateau Energy’s lighting experts today to see how your organization can dramatically reduce operating costs with an energy efficient lighting solution.

Case Studies

Discover how numerous clients reduced energy costs and improved lighting quality with a lighting upgrade or retrofit from Chateau Energy Solutions.


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