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The most important consideration for many energy consumers is the reliability of electric supply. Outages from weather events or the reliability of your utility’s service can dramatically impact your ability to meet production schedules, keep your tenants comfortable, provide medical care, or furnish your organization’s key product or service. Fortunately, there are energy strategies that will ensure your facility’s ability to provide sufficient uptime during catastrophic events and limit or eliminate the threat of short-term power loss – a microgrid.

Utility customers experienced 1.33 billion outage hours in 2020, up 73% from 2019, according to PowerOutage.US. The simple fact is power outages negatively affect businesses. Chateau Energy Solutions will help you create a reliable, resilient, and secure microgrid solution ensuring your critical operations are no longer vulnerable to interruptions and dependent on the grid.

What is a Microgrid?

A microgrid, which is a decentralized electrical network of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), acts as a single controllable unit that supplies power to a specific geographic footprint of buildings or other operations. Microgrids can operate either grid-connected or disconnected from the utility grid in “island” mode.

Benefits of Microgrids and DER

Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) represent an addition to your service from the conventional electric grid, and the benefits can be considerable. The primary benefits of a microgrid are:

Reliability. Gain full redundancy and continuous, uninterrupted operation of a facility during electric grid outages.

Sustainability. Integration of clean energy generating resources (solar, wind, packaged power) into the grid.

Economic. Reduce energy costs by leveraging utility rates and real-time market pricing. Participate in energy management strategies including Demand Response, Peak Shaving, and Load Shifting. Displace energy usage by generating power and sell into the grid during high-price periods.

Organizations that must continuously operate without disruption from the utility grid are beneficiaries of implementing microgrids. A microgrid can provide reliable power generation while producing both economic and environmental benefits for the operation.

How it Works

The electric grid generates power from centralized locations and transports or distributes the power throughout a utility’s service territory transmission lines and distributed system of substations serving customers with electrical loads. Microgrids are typically located close to a significant electrical load. The generating sources of the microgrid (solar panels, packaged power generators, etc., are generally referred to as DERs) are electrically connected to the utility grid through intelligent switch devices that are controlled remotely to automatically switch from the electric grid and provide power to the operation by the microgrid generation.

A microgrid can power a facility after a weather-related outage or the increasing risk of security related outages. Many organizations are independent from a utility and use a microgrid as their main source of energy, for instance, a hospital, a university, or an industrial site.


Microgrid Financing Options

If you think a microgrid might be right for your organization but have capital constraints, we can assist with financing. Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) offers an attractive and flexible option for financing a microgrid. Learn more about financing options.

Trust the Experts

With your input, Chateau Energy microgrid experts can create a business case that includes an assessment of the projected impact of outages on your operations and finances. There are a host of alternatives for managing outages – generators, energy storage, renewable energy generation, and microgrids – and Chateau Energy will introduce you to tailored options for your unique facility.

Our experts can also identify single points of failure in energy delivery systems, removing them through the installation of new controls and improved design. With many years of experience in the field and a variety of renewable energy solutions available, Chateau Energy knows there is always more than one way to assure your energy reliability.

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