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Managing Energy Costs in Auto DealershipsTo Drive Energy Savings

There is no question that automobile dealerships are an energy-intensive industry. Auto dealers have long hours of operations (nights, weekends, holidays); extensive use of lighting in the showroom and parking lots; and energy-intensive equipment usage in the body shop, paint booth, and parts and service areas. It’s no wonder energy is the third-highest overhead expenditure for automobile dealerships.

Lowering utility bills at an auto dealership is an easy way to boost profits. Leave it to the experts and partner with someone who understands the auto dealership industry AND energy management. Chateau Energy Solutions has assisted numerous auto dealers to reduce their energy costs.

Auto dealerships can do many things to drive additional energy savings. Improve energy efficiency through a lighting upgrade or retrofit and HVAC upgrades. It’s easy to achieve significant savings, especially when combined with a rebate or incentive and financing alternatives.

Join other automobile dealerships in Making Energy an Asset®. Auto dealers can take the savings gained from implemented energy efficiency improvements and reinvest that money back into their business. Becoming more energy efficient will provide customers and staff a brighter and safer environment.

See our case studies to see how Chateau Energy Solutions is providing this industry a pathway to energy efficiency and sustainability.



Chateau Energy Solutions Making Energy an Asset®

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