Microgrid Grants, Rebates, and Incentives

Financial assistance to power forward

Federal, state, local, and utility grants, rebates, and incentives encourage customers to take control of their energy streams by providing financial assistance for energy projects.

Rebates and Incentives are an important part of microgrid deployments. Utility rebate programs and federal, state, and local tax incentives allow owners to recoup their significant capital investments more quickly than they would otherwise. There has been significant movement on the federal level with several introductions of legislation proposing to extend and bolster existing tax incentives. For instance, we can assist you with the solar investment tax credit (ITC) where 30% of the cost of a solar photovoltaic system can be claimed on federal corporate income tax.

In addition to federal tax incentives, state and municipal governments are developing and introducing incentives for distributed generation and storage technologies, including solar PV, battery energy storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and microgrid controllers.

Chateau Energy Solutions has supported numerous clients with securing rebates and incentives for their distributed generation, microgrid, and electric vehicle deployments. As early as 2013, our team has guided our clients through several federal, state, and NGO grant programs. Chateau Energy’s expertise in this area has separated us as a full-service developer and has contributed to our ongoing relationship with our clients and their existing and future energy infrastructure strategies.

If you need additional financing, consider Energy-as-a-Service as a way to implement energy solutions without any up-front costs.

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