We Offer the Hospitality Industry the SameFive-Star Treatment They Give Their Guests

Our team does a lot of research and planning, we have to in order to stay ahead in our business. One thing we discovered early on was that the hospitality industry more than others has a vast hidden catalog of energy-saving possibilities—from lighting to smart HVAC, water waste reduction to automated upgrades. Surprisingly, not a lot of the leaders we spoke to were aware of what was possible. So, we made it our mission to step in and change all that.

Energy Management in Hotel Industry

The Hospitality Energy Efficiency Program from Chateau Energy Solutions is a comprehensive turnkey cost-reduction program tailored to hotels and resorts. Within 18 to 24 months, our experts routinely deliver 10–25% net savings on utilities for business-class hotels and luxury resorts of all kinds. That can mean big savings when utility costs are the second largest operating expense for most hospitality companies.

Our clients will say that Chateau Energy Solutions’ Hospitality Energy Efficiency Program doesn’t just save energy but improves the guest experience. In the end, lowering energy consumption isn’t just better for the bottom line—it’s a way to show eco-friendly guests how a hotel can support sustainability practices too.

Take a look at some of our case studies to see how Chateau helps to bring a time-honored industry into the future with hi-tech updates and cutting-edge sustainability practices.



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