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Chateau Energy Solutions provides energy Consulting through our team of experts – people who have decades of industry knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries. We partner with your organization to design a unique energy efficiency or sustainability program tailored to your business goals.

The energy experts at Chateau Energy have been providing their knowledge and Consulting services to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the building optimization and sustainability fields. We have helped organizations start Making Energy an Asset® by architecting energy efficiency solutions that provide greater efficiency, improve optimization, drive decarbonization, and advance power reliability.

You will find that we see energy differently. Our energy consultants with specialized expertise will reveal hidden costs and inefficiencies. The actionable insights gained will accelerate your business growth.

We challenge ourselves to create value for you in all possible areas – ranging from energy efficiency to electric vehicle charging programs or microgrid solutions. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Chateau Energy for their decarbonization and energy management consulting expertise. Additionally, we can help you address the ever-changing matters related to climate and environmental reporting needs. Ultimately, as our client, you receive a customized roadmap, whether it be for a pilot program or a national rollout.

What Chateau Energy Consulting Offers



All-encompassing energy management for your facilities


Electric Vehicle

Integrate an EV charging program into operations



Lower risk and greenhouse gases



Approach to a reduced carbon footprint


ESG Reporting

Focus on the “E” in ESG


Resilience & Reliability

Minimize risk to keep the power on

Energy Management Consulting Has Real Benefits

We get it. It’s complicated. You will receive strategic advice to help champion a cost-effective demand-side energy strategy that will deliver results.

  • Work with a team of experts who examine your data to create a roadmap to efficiency and decarbonization.
  • Get individual program customization that speaks to your unique obstacles, goals, and solutions.
  • Access analyses containing objective insights and practical solutions for your infrastructure.


The Chateau Energy Difference

At Chateau Energy, we want to show you a new way of doing business. It’s not just cleaner, leaner, and more efficient—it’s focused on your bottom line. Other energy consulting firms can’t match our experience. As an energy efficiency consultant, our advisors know that efficiency was never only about cost-benefit analysis and infrastructural overhaul, it’s about redefining how you use energy so that your business grows and your customers see your brand in a vital new way.

Some of the Clients We've Helped


Let Chateau Energy Solutions be your trusted advisor for all things energy related. Through our Consulting Services, we will create a customized and cost-effective strategy that fits your organization’s goals and improves your bottom line.


How To Turn Energy Savings Strategies into An Executable Plan

Making Energy an Asset


Chateau Energy Solutions Making Energy an Asset®

Ready to get started on the path to energy efficiency and sustainability?