A Bright, Reliable, and Renewable Energy Solution

Many organizations are making the strategic decision to use solar to improve reliability and resilience and reduce energy costs. Chateau Energy Solutions helps organizations start Making Energy an Asset® by taking the underused space of a roof, parking lot, or undeveloped land and designing and installing a solar PV system. This underused space is now a source to generate on-site renewable energy that will reduce operating costs, carbon footprint, and reliance on the grid.

Chateau Energy provides solar energy solutions to the commercial and industrial market. This renewable energy option can benefit small to large businesses, industrial and manufacturing companies, as well as schools and universities. Solar energy projects can take a variety of forms including rooftops, parking lot canopies, and ground mounts.

Solar for Business

Solar power allows organizations a way to control costs with a sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy source. When solar is used in conjunction with energy storage, participation in utility demand response programs further improves the financial benefits.

End-to-End Solar Solution

Chateau Energy is a solar energy consultant delivering solar power solutions. We provide end-to-end solar solutions – from determining the goals your organization wants to achieve from the renewable energy source to our engineers creating a customized solar design. But we offer more than that. Chateau Energy also offers deployment of the solar system and can provide financing options to take the project off your balance sheet.


Benefits of Solar Energy

There are numerous benefits of solar panels providing Solar Energy ranging from financial to environmental:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve reliability and resilience
  • Advance sustainability and ESG initiatives
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Provide backup for critical loads (in conjunction with energy storage)
  • Control future energy bills
  • Generate a new revenue stream

Trust the Solar Experts

The Chateau Energy team has considerable experience designing and installing solar solutions. Our clients enjoy the benefits of solar and renewable energy and energy savings. Let us engineer a customized solar energy solution for you.

Chateau Energy Solutions Making Energy an Asset®

Ready to get started on the path to energy efficiency and sustainability?