Manufacturers Consume One Third of All Global EnergyNot For Long

Leaders in the industry know that long-term energy optimization is crucial for maintaining profitability. But they feel they don’t have the right infrastructure or the right opportunities to make the changes they need. Chateau Energy Solutions provides energy optimization expertise to industrial facilities and manufacturing plants so they may become more energy efficient and improve resiliency to costly energy disruptions.

Chateau Energy Solutions works with industrial and manufacturing plants across the nation to improve the design and operation of their facilities using advanced technologies and best practices. This includes opportunities in recovering energy or water from industrial processes or using combined heat and power (CHP) to heat, cool, or power facilities. Chateau Energy Solutions also provides expertise in lighting upgrades and retrofits, HVAC upgrades, metering and monitoring, and assistance with corporate-wide energy and sustainability program goals.

Energy experts will analyze the energy requirements and expenditures of industrial companies at the granular, closing efficiency gaps across the board while establishing a long-term energy management plan to increase productivity and performance. Industrial and manufacturing companies gain the benefit of reduced energy use and lower operating costs as well as a decreased carbon footprint. It’s what we do.

Our case studies show how Chateau EnergySolutions assist industrial companies in assessing energy efficiency shortfalls and finding the simplest, most effective sustainable solutions.



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