30 Percent of Energy in the Retail Sector is WastedChateau Energy is Changing That

When we tell retailers that they can improve customer comfort and satisfaction and properly highlight their products while saving money at the same time, they think we’re joking. But it’s true. Maximizing energy efficiency in storefronts and retail facilities is simple, fast, and effective.

It’s not just about energy efficiency, it’s also about sustainability and social responsibility which can add value to retailers’ brand and improve customer loyalty.

Retailers will enjoy the many benefits of implementing energy efficiency and sustainability measures:

Increased profitability. Implementing energy efficiency measures will reduce operating costs which will ultimately increase the profitability of the retailer.

Decreased vulnerability. Ensuring the retailer purchases gas and electricity competitively will drive down the annual cost and risk significantly.

Improved sales. Improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of a retailer can start with a simple lighting upgrade or retrofit or a Smart HVAC upgrade. Both of these energy efficiency projects create an enjoyable shopping experience for the customer and a better work environment for staff – both of which can lead to an increase in sales.

Boosted public image. Customers are increasingly looking for brands that align with their environmental values. Retailers can demonstrate they are good stewards of the environment with the implementation of energy efficiency practices which also creates a competitive advantage.

So how does a retailer go about improving energy efficiency? The good news is that energy shouldn’t be viewed as a fixed operating expense. It is not. Chateau Energy Solutions will look at how a retailer’s systems and processes operate and then find ways to improve these functions with no negative impact on a store ensuring it will operate at peak efficiency.

Retailers should stop thinking about energy as a cost center and start thinking of energy as an asset™. Savings from the implemented energy efficiency initiatives can be used to fund additional energy savings or sustainability projects within the retailers’ organization.

Chateau Energy Solutions knows the way forward. Every day, we’re bringing retail into a sustainable future with smart-tech updates and low-cost, commonsense improvements.



Chateau Energy Solutions Making Energy an Asset®

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