EV Charge Management

Comprehensive EV charging monitoring, metering, and analytic system for complete control

Chateau Energy’s EV professionals help you integrate simple, powerful open-protocol monitoring and control technology with every electric vehicle charging station with EV Charge Management. The CSMS (Charging Station Management System) software allows you to manage all of your EV charging infrastructure from one place.

Technology is a critical part of any electric vehicle program and will determine how efficiently EV chargers will perform. Smart EV controls and scheduling software can maximize cost savings by reducing peak power demand, charging during off-peak times, and participating in utility demand response programs. Beyond that, local power generation and storage technology can enable a more reliable, renewable energy supply.

Chateau Energy’s EV Charge Management controls, metering, and analytics offerings include:

  • Integration and analytics
  • Web platform dashboard and analytics
  • Smart grid and demand response strategy
  • EV to grid (V2G) solutions
  • Grant and utility reporting

Benefits of an EV Charge Management Platform

Why not benefit from additional savings once you transition to an EV fleet? Significant cost savings and overall optimization can be achieved when using EV Charge Management solution:

Reduce the cost of charging your fleet through:

  • Reduce peak power demand
  • Shift charging to off-peak times
  • Capitalize on utility DR (demand response) and other incentive programs.

Optimize your fleet charging by using strategies such as “first in, first out,” a staggered charging approach.

Monitor charging status and receive issue alerts in real time so no vehicle is uncharged or undercharged – ever.

Review a customized, comprehensive dashboard with simple data analytics for a holistic view of your entire electric vehicle fleet.


EV Charging Technology Customized to your Needs

Every EV fleet operator has different requirements. The Charge Management software gives you as little or as much control as you want. It’s up to you – set it and forget it or adjust on the go. You are in control when it comes to charging your organization’s electric vehicles. You have the flexibility to create or change charging rules in real-time as you need, 24/7/365.

Chateau Energy’s EV Charge Management features:

Automatic cost optimization to minimize the cost of charging your EV fleet.

Onsite controller for enhanced reliability that a cloud-based platform can’t deliver due to an internet outage.

Customized EV charger preferences configured to your unique charging load profile and charging priorities.

Real-time issue alerts to notify if something isn’t right such as an incorrectly connected vehicle or a charger malfunction.

EV charger agnostic to support any charger type and any EV type.

Power source flexibility ensures multiple sources of electricity can be optimized from solar to onsite batteries or renewable energy purchased.

Integrates with EMS for a comprehensive control solution.

Simple data analytics in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-analyze format.

Customizable dashboard to display only the data you want to see – display anything from macro-level info to an individual charger level – the choice is up to you.

Automatic weather adjustments during extreme weather for optimal charging without resetting peak loads.

Numerous security configurations such as a closed onsite control reduce the risk of hacking or manage from a cloud-based system – choose your level of security and reliability.

Optimize Your Workplace EV Fleet

Continue to optimize your workplace EV fleet with demand response strategies and analytics software to measure and improve your electric vehicle program’s success. Chateau Energy will integrate and initiate charging and EV controls software. Your management team will be trained to understand how to properly use any EV applications.

Trust Chateau Energy for all your EV Charge Management needs.

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