Benchmarking & Audits


Cutting-edge analytics for assessing and optimizing energy infrastructure

Benchmarking is the first step to true energy efficiency. You’ve heard it time and time again, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Energy benchmarking is the practice of measuring how much energy a building uses and compares that against other similar buildings.

However, to be able to benchmark, you first must determine a baseline. Collected information of a building’s energy performance for a period of time establishes a baseline for energy consumption. This baseline serves as a starting point for setting energy management goals and calculating energy improvements.

Through Chateau’s Energy Efficiency solutions, our experts make innovative use of comparative energy analyses, contrasting your utility use with that of other similar buildings and facilities. Those consumption reports produce the essential data needed for implementing major gains in energy efficiency.

Chateau Energy’s benchmarking tools offer:

  • Discovery. Ascertain your baseline energy consumption.
  • Design. Create an aggressive and custom energy strategy.
  • Choice. Gain access to a suite of customized efficiency installations.
  • Revitalization. Reverse hidden patterns of energy waste and cost overrun.

As part of the Chateau Energy Efficiency suite of services, benchmarking and assessments routinely reveals efficiency potential and cost-saving opportunities. This is the basis for initiating programs of cost reduction and affordable infrastructure updates.

Make the right decision today so that you can save on energy costs for the foreseeable future.

Audits & Assessments

Customized diagnostics and analyses that reveal underlying energy inefficiencies

An energy audit, also called an energy assessment, is an important foundation for optimizing a building’s energy and financial performance. An energy or building audit gives you a gauge of how your facility and its assets are performing and where improvements can be made to make it more efficient moving forward. Our skilled engineering professionals evaluate energy performance and consumption by conducting thorough walk-throughs and examining expense histories and utility bills.

The engineering experts at Chateau Energy provide ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 audits and will help you determine which one is the best fit for you.

Chateau Energy’s professionals determine:

  • All sources of energy use and waste.
  • Lists of savings and reductions targets.
  • No or low-cost efficiency measures.
  • Budgetary needs for capital projects.



Successful lighting retrofits or upgrades start with a lighting audit. Get in-depth evaluations from experienced energy consultants on existing light levels and lighting infrastructure. Chateau Energy experts have the specialized skills and the advanced tools needed to provide assessments that are clear, up-to-date, and critical for establishing new lighting energy goals.


Chateau Energy provides Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 ASHRAE energy audits. Our experts analyze asset infrastructure, energy usage, and overall utility costs. The energy audit will identify how to reduce energy use and the cost of operating the facility. Learn precisely how your facility has been performing and what can be done to optimize it moving forward.

Electric Vehicle (EV)

Our EV infrastructure experts have made installations for nationally recognized commercial fleets. The Chateau Energy team provides electrical inspections and assessments of your transformers, switch gears, charging units, breakers, and much more, producing cost savings goals that take the comprehensive EV infrastructure into account.

Trust the Energy Experts

Ask the right questions. Get the best answers. Chateau Energy has years of energy management experience and offers energy baseline and benchmark services to help building operators make informed decisions.

Start uncovering savings today.


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