Compressed Air Optimization

Stop budget blowing waste

Most industrial plants, 70 percent, require compressed air for the operation of their facility. According to a U.S. Department of Energy survey, between 10-30% of the electricity consumed in an industrial facility is for generating compressed air. Compressed air can be one of the most expensive utility costs in this type of facility.

Compressed air leaks can be a considerable source of wasted energy, as much as 20-30% of the compressor’s output. Unfortunately, the inefficient use of compressed air often goes unnoticed even when it presents an opportunity for significant energy reduction and cost savings.

Chateau Energy Solutions provides Compressed Air Optimization solutions that will stop the waste of consumptive compressed air systems and start the savings – all with an immediate payback. We offer a variety of options – from reviewing and auditing – to ensuring your compressed air system is performing at its optimal level.

Compressed Air System Review

A Compressed Air System Review will identify and quantify opportunities for improvement in reliability, productivity, and efficiency. This includes the impact on production processes as well. We have found that the repeatability of process and production equipment often varies due to fluctuations in compressed air pressure, which can negatively affect quality and productivity.

To better understand system and pressure differentials and dynamics of the compressed air system, we install electronic data loggers and pressure loggers at critical locations throughout the plant. This allows us to examine the system in real-time. From there, the Chateau Energy team creates an action plan with specific equipment recommendations allowing your organization to capture the opportunities identified.

Comprehensive Leak Survey

Chateau Energy will perform a Comprehensive Leak Survey. Identifying major sources of leaks sets the path to lower energy usage and an improved carbon footprint. The survey will locate leaks, which can often be repaired during the survey. If not immediately repaired, the leak will be tagged for future repair. The completed survey will provide a list of all leaks detected, an estimated leak rate, and the cost of each leak.

Benefits of Compressed Air Optimization

The benefits of Compressed Air Optimization can be far reaching:

  • Establish energy savings with a high ROI
  • Increase the life of equipment
  • Improve the performance of equipment
  • Boost productivity and production time
  • Increase product quality
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Maximize system reliability

Trust the Experts

Let Chateau Energy assist you with your Compressed Air Optimization needs. Consider a plant-wide optimization strategy to cut costs and reduce waste.


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