Pam Hoddinott

Pam Hoddinott

About the Author, Pam Hoddinott

Director of Marketing at Chateau Energy Solutions

Pam Hoddinott is the Director of Marketing at Chateau Energy Solutions and is responsible for creating and executing the company’s marketing strategy. She is focused on accelerating the company’s vision of providing its clients with a simpler way to reach complex energy and decarbonization goals.

Pam has 25 years of experience in the energy industry and takes a creative and forward-thinking approach unique to the market. Her broad experience includes marketing plans, branding, content creation, social media, website management, lead generation, and proposal development. Prior to starting in the energy efficiency field, Pam worked in marketing and promotions in the television and radio industry. When she’s not creating marketing campaigns, Pam is happiest when she is near the beach, listening to podcasts and 80s music, and taking on DIY projects around her home with her husband.

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