Chateau Energy Solutions Improves Energy Efficiency in 600 Retail Stores and Distribution Centers

Atlanta-based retailer

An Atlanta-based retailer that serves consumers through the sale and lease ownership of furniture, electronics, and appliances and has more than 2,100 stores across the United States and Canada was looking to align with someone who could improve energy efficiency in their retail stores. The retailer partnered with a team of energy management experts at Chateau Energy Solutions.

The work with the retailer began with site information gathering, including utility consumption. Chateau Energy Solutions coordinated their efforts at local, regional, and corporate levels beginning with an on-site audit. From the audit, we proceed through design, development, and construction of the selected improvements. Improvements at each facility are reviewed and approved for both technical and financial merit by the retailer.

Part of Chateau Energy Solutions’ work at each site involved the design and deployment of an intelligent metering, monitoring, and control system to measure ongoing energy consumption on a near real-time basis. This system also provides remote diagnostic insights into equipment status on a real-time basis, and provides alarming, trending, energy consumption and benchmarking reports using a web-based information dashboard.

This monitoring-based commissioning system is based upon Tridium open source programming language, using relatively inexpensive and widely available components. Each facility is custom configured based upon the recommendations of our engineering experts.

The experts at Chateau Energy Solutions designed and delivered improvements to the HVAC and lighting systems at more than 600 retail stores and distribution centers. Energy conservation measures identified include low–and no-cost energy efficiency measures, as well as lighting retrofits and replacements, and installation of new controls that will automate the scheduling and operation of the retailer’s heating and cooling equipment. The simple payback for all measures implemented have averaged around 2.5 years.

Chateau Energy Solutions also assisted the retailer to take advantage of any special financial incentive offered by electric utility providers.

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