Chateau Energy Solutions provides national retailer $3 million in annual energy savings with Smart HVAC and Lighting Upgrades

Chateau Energy Solutions provides national retailer $3 million

Chateau Energy Solutions is providing a multi-year energy efficiency program to a nationally recognized automotive replacement parts distributor focused on lighting and HVAC upgrades.

The lighting upgrade program significantly improves the lighting quality, decreases maintenance costs, and provides a consistent lighting visual standard at more than 320 retail stores and distribution centers across the nation. To date, the lighting energy efficiency measures provides savings of $1.7 million annually and rebates of nearly $200,000.

Currently, 10 distribution centers (DC) are realizing even further significant energy cost savings with a substantial ROI by retrofitting rooftop unit (RTU) HVAC units with a Smart HVAC solution. These retrofits include Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which allows the RTUs to provide varying volumes of air during DC occupied periods.

Chateau Energy Solutions’ Smart HVAC solution is generating additional savings through new controls and software to enable Demand Controlled Ventilation and Advanced Digital Economizer Control. A wireless cellular communication network provides web accessible control and visualization of RTU operations, and tracking of performance and savings. The Smart HVAC upgrade provides annual savings of nearly $363,000 and $153,000 in rebates.

Typical projects for retail and DC clients include:

  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Smart HVAC
  • Audits and Surveys
  • Solar and Battery Deployment
  • Strategy and Technology Advice
  • Energy IoT Integration
  • Real-time Metering
  • Finance and Rebates


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