Chateau Energy Solutions Significantly Increases Energy Efficiency at 100 Automotive Replacement Parts Distribution Centers

Nationally Recognized Automotive Replacement

The team of energy management experts at Chateau Energy Solutions completed a 4-year program with a nationally recognized automotive replacement parts distributor that significantly improved the energy efficiency of more than 100 distribution centers.

The energy savings realized resulted from lighting efficiency upgrades in both office and warehouse areas of the 100 distribution centers. The engineered solution for the office area incorporated the addition of occupancy lighting sensors and conversion from T12 to more efficient LEDs. The warehouse areas also received occupancy lighting sensors in the aisle ways, as well as the conversion from T12 and metal halide fixtures to high performance energy efficient lighting components specifically designed for large spaces. Prior to beginning the improvements, Chateau Energy Solutions’ energy experts performed assessments of all the facilities, followed by engineering and design of the solutions.

The lighting efficiency upgrade and installation of sensors provided an average payback of 2.9 years. Chateau Energy Solutions’ experienced rebate and incentive administration team helped its customer take advantage of financial rebates that were offered by local utility providers in the various 100 distribution center locations. Through these rebate programs, Chateau Energy Solutions generated more than $1 million for the automotive replacement parts distributor.

“Once again, the Chateau Energy Solutions’ team has provided tremendous value to the customer and surpassed the customer’s expectations on this energy efficiency program,” explains Jim Dore, Vice President at Chateau Energy Solutions. “We are honored to assist our customer in helping to achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.”

Chateau Energy Solutions’ energy efficiency work improved the quality of light within the facilities, including lighting distribution and lighting levels as well as extended the maintenance life by up to 30 percent.


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