Chateau Energy Solutions Increases Light Levels and Reduces Energy Usage with Lighting Retrofit at Arnold Engineering Development Center

Arnold Engineering Development Center

Located in Tullahoma, Tennessee, Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) at Arnold Air Force Base has the largest and most advanced flight simulation test facilities in the world. Based on 4,000 acres of the total 40,000 acres of Arnold Air Force Base, the AEDC has 230 buildings. Dedicated in 1951 by Harry Truman, Arnold Engineering Development Center has tested most of the high performance aerospace systems used by the Department since.

The lighting experts at Chateau Energy Solutions were asked to perform a lighting audit on the numerous AEDC buildings to determine if such a project could reduce energy usage. After determining that AEDC could reduce their usage from a lighting upgrade, construction began.

For 112 of the 230 buildings, the team at Chateau Energy Solutions provided the services of audit and design; installation of new fixtures; upgrade of existing fixtures; and standardization of energy efficient lighting components.

Because of the high security within AEDC, many of the locations involved in the retrofit required armed guard escorts for Chateau Energy Solutions personnel, in addition to security badges, and check points. Chateau Energy Solutions also provided room-by-room as built construction spreadsheets for all of the 6,137 line item retrofits completed at AEDC.

“I appreciate the professionalism of your workers while they were on site and look forward to working with you in the future,” said the Contracting Officer at Arnold Air Force Base.

While the goal of the lighting upgrade was to maintain existing light levels, Chateau Energy Solutions actually increased light levels slightly while reducing the number of fixtures by 15 percent. Overall, the lighting upgrade program at AEDC reduced the demand by 8.05 MW and reduced consumption by 2.8 million kWh annually.


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