Courtyard Hotel Reduces HVAC Energy Consumption 39% With Smart HVAC Update

Courtyard by Marriott, owned by Marriott International, is the eighth largest hospitality brand in the world, with more than 1,100 hotels in 47 countries. The Courtyard Atlanta Perimeter Center in Atlanta, Georgia, features 145 rooms, a bistro, fitness center, pool, business center, four meeting rooms, and other amenities.

Chateau Energy Solutions was tasked with reducing the energy consumption of a set of mid-sized HVAC rooftop units (RTUs). The company also needed to meet important corporate financial requirements on all paybacks related to energy projects. On this particular project, only four units (62 tons total) that served the hotel’s common areas required upgrades.

Chateau Energy Solutions chose to bring the hotel’s HVAC system into a network for remote monitoring and control. The customized Smart HVAC solution combined fan variable frequency drives (VFDs) with a web-based monitoring system. The platform is continually maintained by advanced fault detection, diagnostics, self-calibration, and energy analytics routines. The systems are remotely monitored to verify system operations. Updates are remotely sent to hotel staff or directly to the service provider for evaluation, prioritization, and follow-up. This software platform is maintained on a dedicated secure site and is easily accessed by authorized hotel staff.Other benefits of the Smart HVAC solution include:

Opti-Run Fan Control
For adjusting fan speeds to match the needs of the space and to reduce fan energy.

Integrated Economizer with Advanced Changeover
For reducing compressor runtime and energy use by maximizing the use of outside air.

Advance Cool
For utilizing ventilation pre-cooling to reduce compressor runtime.

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)
For controlling the use of outside air and reducing heating/cooling energy use overall.

Building Automation System (BAS) Capability
For monitoring operations and adjusting set points and schedules at any time.

Remote Access
For viewing and adjusting performance around the clock and quickly generating reports.

Overall cost reductions exceeded Courtyard by Marriott’s expectations. The Smart HVAC solution included systemic monitoring of fresh air intake positions, providing trend logs and a record of compliance with industry standards. In addition, the facility gained the ability to add other area system measurements (e.g., water heater, kitchen exhaust fan, etc.) to the software platform, thus allowing for regular expansions of overall efficiency.

  • Overall HVAC energy consumption was reduced by 39% following the implementation of the Smart HVAC solution.
  • Georgia Power rebates were available for the project, which lowered the payback period and added to annual savings.
  • Energy experts continue to help the location to achieve ongoing HVAC energy savings through their web-based control system dashboard.
  • Greenhouse gas emission tracking allowed a clear picture of how this effort reduced the local carbon footprint while also elevating cost savings year on year.
  • The overall cost of the HVAC update paid for itself in less than 3 years.


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