Cutting-Edge Controls Deployed on Distribution Center’s Basic HVAC Systems to Provide Tremendous Savings

HVAC Systems to Provide Tremendous Savings

The company is a worldwide distributor of automotive parts and accessories with regional distribution centers across the country. The facility, located in Atlanta, Georgia, includes a combination of a distribution center, office, and a retail store that total more than 130,000 square feet and has 410 tons of air conditioning installed.

The client wanted to decrease its energy consumption and put a system in place that would allow them to monitor and control their rooftop units while meeting strict corporate financial requirements on paybacks related to energy projects.

Chateau Energy Solutions retrofitted the rooftop unit fans with VFDs and put a web-based monitoring and control system in place on 27 units. The VFDs slow the fans down in discrete steps especially when the units are not calling for 100% cooling or heating. The control system also optimizes the operation of the RTU economizers and allows plant personnel to set back temperature setpoints at night.

This project is an excellent example of how cutting-edge controls can be deployed on the most basic of HVAC systems to effect tremendous savings. The project yielded $23,085 in rebates from Georgia Power which validates the system as well as the estimating process. With the help of Chateau Energy Solutions’ energy experts, the client is now reaping ongoing energy savings while having a web-based dashboard to better manage the facility and its operation.

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