Encompass Health Increases Savings and Patient Comfort with Chateau Energy Solutions

The Opportunity

Encompass Health operates one of the nation’s largest network of inpatient, outpatient, and home health rehabilitation services. The hospitals provide rehabilitative care to patients who are recovering from conditions such as stroke and other neurological disorders, orthopedic, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, brain and spinal cord injuries, and amputations.

The Company owns more than 150 hospitals and wants to decrease its operating costs across its portfolio of buildings. Encompass Health turned to Chateau Energy Solutions to help them with their energy management goals.

“Encompass Health is excited to partner with Chateau Energy Solutions to pursue our energy and carbon reduction goals through a national LED lighting program,” said Josh Rhodes, Encompass Health, Director of Design and Construction. “We are confident that Chateau Energy’s expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability will provide Encompass Health a variety of benefits such as increased energy savings, improved maintenance savings, enhanced aesthetics, and most importantly, elevated patient, visitor, and staff comfort in our facilities across the country.”

The Solution

The energy efficiency experts at Chateau Energy Solutions recommended that Encompass Health focus on a national LED lighting retrofit and upgrade program for its rehabilitation facilities. The lighting retrofits and upgrades would improve Encompass Health’s facilities in five areas:

  • Generate energy savings;
  • Increase maintenance savings;
  • Lower environmental impact;
  • Refresh the look for the facilities; and
  • Improve patient, visitor, and staff comfort.

Not only was a customized turnkey LED lighting solution needed, which included design and advanced lighting technology, but also a solid logistical plan was necessary for the construction phase.

Installing lighting retrofits at the facilities presented challenges to the Chateau Energy Solutions work crew. Patient care and limited business interruptions were of utmost concern. The team through its years of experience has developed a streamlined construction and project planning process. The professionals at Chateau Energy Solutions carefully planned the retrofit so disruption of the rehabilitation personnel and patients would be at a minimum.

The Results

Chateau Energy Solutions completed more than 75 LED lighting projects to date. The savings have been substantial and GHG reduction was significant. The program, when completed, will generated more than $4 million estimated annually in energy savings. In addition to the energy savings, Chateau Energy Solutions uncovers utility rebates and administers them on behalf of Encompass Health. This will provide an additional $1.1 million in avoided capital costs.

The lighting projects consist of both interior and exterior upgrades and retrofits. All exterior lighting has been upgraded using LEDs, improving the quantity and quality of light as well as improving safety.

The relationship between Encompass Health and Chateau Energy Solutions continues to thrive. Encompass Health operates in 37 states and Puerto Rico and additional lighting retrofits are planned for more rehabilitation facilities.

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