Energy Management Experts, Chateau Energy Solutions, Help Verizon Wireless Reduce Operating Expenses at Retail Stores

Verizon Wireless Reduce Operating Expenses at Retail Stores

As the nation’s largest wireless telecommunications provider, Verizon Wireless provides wireless communications that connect people and businesses with advanced wireless technology and service. The company serves 113.2 million retail connections and operates more than 1,700 retail locations in the United States.

Verizon Wireless wanted to reduce the operating expense of its retail stores and turned to the lighting retrofit experts at Chateau Energy Solutions.

The highly experienced lighting team of Chateau Energy Solutions completed turnkey lighting retrofits at more than 150 Verizon Wireless retail stores across the Southeast, following a successful 15-store pilot program.

Blake Messinger, Verizon Wireless Associate Director of Real Estate for the Southeastern region, states, “These lighting retrofits not only help us save money, but also enhance and improve lighting levels for our customers. This program allows us to eliminate more than two million pounds of CO2 from the environment, which is a significant step as we stay focused on our commitment to environmental stewardship in the communities we serve.”

As a result, Verizon Wireless is now receiving measurable benefits including reduced energy consumption as well as better control and maintenance of the stores’ lighting and HVAC systems.

“This successful efficiency upgrade program has enabled Verizon Wireless to cut energy costs and improve lighting quality, which is a key on any sales floor,” explains Jim Dore, Vice President at Chateau Energy Solutions. “Lighting retrofits are always a great way for an organization to reduce utility costs immediately, as they are cost effective and quick to implement. In this case, the program generated a very attractive internal rate of return for Verizon Wireless and will conserve more than 1.3 million kWh of electricity every year.”

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