Queen of Angels School

Queen of Angels Catholic School is a Kindergarten – Grade 8 school located on a 100+ acre campus in the metro-Atlanta area. The school strives for excellence throughout all facets of its education and is a twice-recognized National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The administrators at Queen of Angels wanted to create a better learning environment for the students, eliminate outdated lighting at the facility, and cut costs. The school partnered with Chateau Energy Solutions because its lighting retrofit solution achieved all three of these requirements and provided the best value for the project.

Various areas of the school received the lighting upgrade including administration areas, classrooms for all ages, media center, hallways, school store, cafeteria, kitchen, and gymnasium. It was important that the new lighting installed was appropriate for each of the diverse spaces. Chateau Energy Solutions created a custom LED Lighting upgrade tailored to the school’s needs that also maximized savings.

Other upgrades were being installed at the school concurrently and the Chateau project management team worked closely with the school so there was little to no disruption to students, faculty, or classroom learning. In all, Chateau Energy Solutions installed nearly 1,000 LED lights at the school. The LED technology will save Queen of Angels almost $22,000 annually and reduce their carbon footprint.

The new LED fixtures at the school provided an improved learning environment, reduced energy costs, and cut maintenance expenditures. LED technology provides an incredibly long lifespan compared to the lights that were replaced, resulting in less time and money spent replacing burnt-out bulbs.

“Unbelievable” was the way the lighting retrofit was described by school administration after completion.

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