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Identifying and resolving systemic flaws that stand in the way of energy reliability

The most important consideration for many energy consumers is the reliability of electric supply. Outages from weather events or the reliability of your utility’s service can have a dramatic impact on your ability to meet production schedules, keep your tenants comfortable, or provide medical care.  Fortunately, there is something that can be done to assure your facility’s ability to provide sufficient uptime during catastrophic events as well as limit or eliminate the threat of short-term power loss.

Distributed Energy Resources, or DERs, and Microgrids represent an addition to your service from the conventional electric grid and the benefits can be considerable including the ability to:

  • Meet both electric and thermal energy needs simultaneously
  • Reduce energy cost by leveraging utility rates and real time market pricing
  • Provide full redundancy
  • Deliver clean energy
  • Supply power back to the grid when it makes economic sense

With your input, Chateau Energy Solutions’ experts create business cases that include an assessment of the projected impact of outages on your operations, finances, and customers. There are a host of alternatives for managing outages (generators, energy storage, renewable energy generation, microgrids), and Chateau will introduce you to the best options for your unique facility.

Our experts can also identify single points of failure in energy delivery systems, removing them through the installation of new controls and improved design. With many years of experience in the field, Chateau knows there is always more than one way to assure your energy reliability.

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