Why LED Lighting Makes Good Business Sense

LED Lighting

Those who are responsible for operating and maintaining efficient building space have most likely considered numerous energy efficiency strategies. Many find it difficult to determine which strategies provide the best payback. Chateau Energy Solutions consults clients on how to achieve better energy efficiency and become more sustainable. Our knowledge and expertise in energy and utility management enables us to drive strategic shifts in our clients’ business by providing them a new lens to understand their energy usage. We start with a holistic approach taking into account energy usage, requirements, system design, and goals. This includes various energy efficiency strategies that make the best business sense – one which is often LED lighting retrofits or upgrades.

We frequently hear common objections to implementing LED lighting as an energy efficiency strategy. Yet, a LED lighting upgrade can provide substantial savings to the bottom line. Here are four reasons why a LED lighting program is more obtainable than you think.

I can’t afford LED lighting.

Use your cash to run and grow your organization. With Lighting-as-a-Service funding, there are $0 upfront costs. This subscription model is similar to Netflix or leasing your cell phone or office copier. Get LED lighting technology installed with a monthly fee and a no risk guarantee.

Will it really impact my bottom line?

Upgrading to LED lights can cut your utility bill in half if you are still using older lighting technology.  A lighting program increases energy savings and property value. Think of the impact a portfolio wide lighting program could make to your Net Operating Income.

My lights work, why replace them?

Your lights may be working, but are they working for you?  A LED upgrade will provide numerous benefits beyond energy savings. The additional benefits include reduced maintenance costs, greater safety, improved carbon footprint, enhanced lighting quality, and controls capabilities.

Are there any rebates available?

Get paid to save energy. Many utility companies provide rebates for lighting upgrades which can be a big benefit to your business.  These lighting rebates vary from state to state and product to product but can cover a hefty share of the cost of the energy efficiency improvement.

Wondering if a LED lighting upgrade makes good business sense for you? Contact Chateau Energy Solutions at info@ChateauES.com. Our deep knowledge and operational expertise can help unlock the full potential of your physical infrastructure and assets.

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LED Lighting is more obtainable than you think

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