Commercial Business: How to Make Energy A Valuable Asset

how to make energy a valuable asset

In business, the spotlight often shines on the importance of human capital—the talented individuals who drive innovation and growth. At Chateau Energy Solutions, we also agree that the people who make up your company are one of your most valuable assets. However, there’s another critical asset that deserves attention – energy. While energy usage is typically viewed as an expense, failing to recognize its potential value, can lead to missed opportunities for optimization and cost savings. At Chateau Energy, our years of experience and proven track record simply mean that we have the unique expertise to evaluate this usage and determine how and where to get you the most value.

Leveraging Energy Efficiency for ROI

Your energy usage is three to six percent of your revenue as an operating cost. Depending on the industry, whether it’s retail, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, or even warehouse and logistics, the costs of equipment replacement and maintenance can be staggering over a long period.
Just as optimizing a car’s fuel efficiency can lead to significant savings, optimizing energy usage within a business can yield substantial benefits. Imagine increasing efficiency, resulting in 20% less energy consumption for the same output— a tangible cost savings for your business with a byproduct of reduced environmental impact.

optimized energy saves cost

Here are some of the factors increasing the need for energy efficiency upgrades:

  • The cost to run a business
  • Maintenance and replacement costs
  • Greenhouse gas reduction in emissions and reporting/carbon footprint
  • Safety
  • Competition

As a business, your vendor, your distributors, your customers, your stakeholders – all these relationships look to you as a partner. So, in addition to greenhouse gas reduction scopes one, two, and three reporting, your stance on energy and sustainability is becoming more important to people when determining your company and its value. If you want to remain competitive in B2B, you must have some sort of commitment to energy reduction.

Measurable Steps to Go from Waste to Efficiency

How does one transition from viewing energy as a mere expense to harnessing its full potential as an asset? It begins with understanding your current position and the desired outcome.

Four questions to ask before launching an energy program:

  1. What is your annual energy spend?
  2. Do you have sustainability goals?
  3. Are you aiming for cost savings?
  4. Do you need facility upgrades?

Once we partner with you and help you to define the goals and desired outcomes, our experts launch into planning. Strategic planning can pave the way for achievement. In the planning phase, communication is paramount. Engaging stakeholders— from employees to customers – fosters a culture of participation and innovation. By soliciting feedback and involvement, you can tap into valuable insights and cultivate a shared commitment to energy efficiency. And, by establishing clear goals and milestones, you can monitor the journey toward greater energy efficiency and evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

four questions to ask before launching an energy program

Is an Energy Systems Upgrade in the Budget?

Financing is readily available for energy-efficiency building upgrades. It can be very cost-effective and pay off exponentially over time. Large energy solution redesigns often secure financing for five, seven, and sometimes even ten years. Most customers do not know that energy projects normally will pay back, depending on what the energy conservation measure is, over time. Through incentive rebates, you may receive paybacks as fast as two or three years. All combined – between credit, financing terms, and rebates – you may be able to get financing for energy projects that could last ten or fifteen years or more.

No ‘Magic Beans’ in Solving Energy Usage

Chateau Energy’s COO Todd Jarvis likes to say, “There are no magic beans in the energy business,” but with the right partnership, effective communication, and measurable benchmarks, you can leverage your energy from being a cost to making energy an asset®.

Chateau Energy likes to meet clients where they are and stay with them on the journey. We do not consider our company a one-off group. For instance, a client might seek comprehensive upgrades. They might express interest in implementing a new LED lighting project. The energy efficiencies gained from this initiative could potentially offset the costs of installing a new boiler. By enhancing efficiency and realizing consequent cost savings, the return on investment (ROI) is optimized, enabling the allocation of funds toward additional renovations and enhancements.

Our agnostic and competitive approach to solution-oriented energy savings is how we can save money on energy costs. In this way, you can allocate those savings to upgrade the office, the design, or the lighting.

Chateau Energy Leads the Way in Energy Solutions for Healthcare & Hospitality

Consider the case of Encompass Health, where our partnership resulted in substantial cost savings and operational improvements across multiple facilities. By investing in LED lighting upgrades and optimizing utility usage, Encompass Health achieved significant ROI and enhanced property value. What started as a few projects developed into a national program for interior and exterior LED lighting that included more than 75 locations and generated multi-millions of dollars annually in savings as well as a significant GHG reduction.

“Each Encompass Health facility will be able to use the energy savings generated from utilizing Chateau Energy Solutions’ national LED lighting program towards additional improvements in their operations,” said Josh Rhodes, Encompass Health, Director of Design and Construction.


Chateau Energy Makes the Difference

Why choose Chateau Energy as your partner in your energy efficiency program? It comes down to the people, the expertise, and a vetted company you can trust. Our company is comprised of members who possess unparalleled experience and true commitment to client success.

“Chateau Energy’s primary difference in the market is related to the culture of our people and how we work with our customers. We’ve deployed tens of thousands of projects over the last several years. We tend to be product agnostic and partner with our customers to identify their desired outcomes and develop solutions to achieve them.”

                                                                                        – Todd Jarvis, COO, Chateau Energy Solutions

At Chateau Energy, our long-developed, and well-tested processes when partnering on thousands of mid-to-large scale national programs and projects allow us to continue to deliver repeatable successful outcomes every time – that is the Chateau Energy difference.

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