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HVAC Upgrades

Smart HVAC Solutions

Smart HVAC solutions that revitalize the core of energy performance in your building

Chateau’s experts found that a building can waste upward of 30% or more of its energy use as a result of avoidable inefficiencies. This kind of subpar performance is entirely unnecessary and can create a lot in hidden annual energy waste.

An HVAC system is often considered the backbone of a facility, yet HVAC units are typically run without much consideration – until there is a problem. Hidden HVAC waste may start as early as the construction process, or it may come from multiple adjustments made over time. Whatever the case may be, the result is the same – an inefficient HVAC system where optimization is in great need – an HVAC Upgrade can make a big impact on energy efficiency.

Chateau’s team examines the efficiency of your HVAC system, focusing even on the small and mid-sized roof-top units (RTUs) that many companies neglect. Our engineers identify equipment problems that contribute to reduced performance and our experts determine the proper route to HVAC optimization, whether the answer lay in smart HVAC or a more straight forward HVAC retrofit.

Our Smart HVAC solutions combines customized energy-saving measures, the latest smart technology, and fan control systems into one easy-to-implement device for single-zone packaged RTUs. The fully automated, hi-tech energy efficiency strategy of Smart HVAC solutions delivers increased supply fan control providing increased energy savings as well as reduced compressor runtime resulting in reduced wear and tear.

By incorporating Smart HVAC solutions, Chateau ensures that HVAC performance becomes more reliable, lower in cost, and advanced in efficiency and shelf life.


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