Trova Commercial Vehicles and Chateau Energy Solutions Partner to Drive Commercial Electric Vehicle Deployment

Atlanta, GA. (February 7, 2023) – Trova Commercial Vehicles (TrovaCV), an engineering and manufacturing expert of commercial electric vehicles, and Chateau Energy Solutions, a national leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure development, announce their partnership to drive the deployment of commercial electric vehicles and charging infrastructure for fleets across the nation. The alliance will provide diesel-to-electric (D2E) class 8 vehicle refits, new Class 8 battery-electric yard trucks, and reliable charging infrastructure to commercial fleets.

“Trova’s mission is to accelerate the market acceptance of battery electric commercial vehicles. We know that a complete end-to-end solution is necessary for fleets to transition to battery electric trucks,” explains Patrick Collignon, TrovaCV founder/CEO and former chief operating officer for Volvo Trucks North and South America. “With Chateau Energy Solutions we have a partner with many years of experience. Not only is the total cost of ownership impacted by the acquisition cost of the vehicle it also depends heavily on the level of investment needed for electric infrastructure.”

The two companies complement each other and simplify the fleet conversion process for fleet managers. “Ordering new battery-electric vehicles is exciting for fleets, yet they are quickly met by the realities of complex electrical infrastructure upgrades, disruptive construction, and frustrating permitting processes,” said Chateau Energy Solutions’ Todd Jarvis, COO. “Our customers draw on our team’s nearly 15 years of experience energizing EV charging infrastructure to streamline the design, development, and deployment.”

The team at TrovaCV focuses on providing OEMs with a way to build more electric vehicles at a lower cost. TrovaCV provides commercial vehicle manufacturers with customized engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise for fully electric commercial vehicles. The Company also developed its own new electric vehicle. Collignon brings TrovaCV more than 30 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry and has held senior positions at General Motors and the Volvo Group.

Chateau Energy Solutions is no stranger to the world of EV charging. Its team of energy and engineering experts provides turnkey electric vehicle charging solutions to commercial fleets, utilities, workplace, multi-family, and retail sectors. The company has helped some of the largest fleets in the nation develop and deploy world-class EV programs.

The collaboration between TrovaCV and Chateau Energy Solutions will ensure that commercial fleet owners will have experts to guide them through the complete fleet electrification process, from the procurement of electric vehicles to the deployment of EV charging infrastructure.

About Trova Commercial Vehicles

Trova Commercial Vehicles provides customized engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise for fully electric commercial vehicles. Located in southwestern Virginia, TrovaCV also offers cost-effective end-to-end electric vehicle manufacturing and supply chain management for OEMs seeking to achieve increased volume production. For more information, call 540-818-7661 or visit

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Chateau Energy Solutions, a national energy and EV charging solutions expert, offers clients a simpler way to reach complex energy and decarbonization goals. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the company provides integrated energy consulting and solutions in the areas of energy efficiency, EV charging, and microgrid to a broad range of commercial, industrial, healthcare, retail, education, warehouse, and management consulting organizations. The Chateau Energy team of experts has a unique blend of industry experience along with extensive operational knowledge and technology insight to architect customized energy strategies for clients to achieve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and improve sustainability. Together with our clients, we are Making Energy an Asset®. To learn more about Chateau Energy Solutions, please visit

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